best friend

assalamualaikum wbt

it really is hurt to be in this kind of relationship. 

because men and women can't be friend!

it really is, i asked my group mate who is not biased towards me, 
during our lunch behind Polyclinic.

he said NEVER!

"a girl best friend for a man is actually his girl friend! not just a friend"


quick review

assalamualaikum wbt. 

these are all pictures during study week.

tomorrow the result would come out


of today!

hampir2 aku terjebak dalam konspirasi dengan suami orang. nasib tahu awal2, kalau tak, bikin panas je. alhamdulillah, Allah jaga aku lagi. alhamdulillah.

bye! gotta go!



as usual, when time is constrained, then, i have intention to update my blog. hahaha

today is Sunday! then tomorrow is my exam day!

start with MCQ OBA, then PMP.

on Tuesday i have OSCE!

wish me and friends best of luck

#pray for MH370